Meet Our New Pastor, Gordon Lawrence, and wife Sandra!

Gordon and Sandra moved to Ellijay from Lawrenceville, Georgia. Sandra is a retired first grade teacher and Gordon has served church in North Carolina, Texas and Georgia. He is a former assosciate director for the north American Mission Board in Atlanta, and he served as a church starter/pastor in the Gwinnett Metro Baptist Assosciation.

Gordon is the author of the populat book, “Great Men Bow Down”, as well as two books on Revelation. As the owner of a small architectural firm, Gordon considers creativity to be a vital ingredient in the daily life of the church. “Sandra and I are delighted to be part of Cornerstone Church, and we look forward to the adventure of helping you grow in your walk with Christ. Feel free to contact my email address if I can be of service to your family.”

“Gordon Lawrence has concentrated the wisdom of 150 truly great men into a very readable, almost addictive, series of devotionals. Great Men Bow Down is a wonderful source of wisdom and inspiration. It would make an excellent school text book as it combines history, science, philosophy, scripture and many other aread of learning into a single, Chirch-centered uplifting volume. Having this book in our schools, homes and churches will lead to a better world. You will be surprised at the impact this book will have on you life.”
Melinda, Amazon Reviewer

“NOT MANY BOOKS on Revelation present what I believe to be the best interpretation of a historic pre-millenial view. This books is as good as it gets. My friend Gordon Lawrence has done splendid work on this fine commentary, and I heartily commend it.” James Merritt, Ph.D Pastor of Crosspointe Church, and International Television host of “Touching Lives.

In “The Revelation Equation”, Gordon Lawrence not only presents a clear, biblical chronology of the last days – he weaves together the crucial prophetic components of Scripture into a tapestry that every student of the Bible can visualize. This study guide is full of helpful material for groups and individuals desiring to more fully understand the end of the age, the return of Christ, and the commencement of His glorious Millenial Kingdom. In the writing of this study guide, the author has done a great service for the Church. You would be wise to take advantage of it.” MARV ROSENTHAL, Executive Director, Zion’s Hope, Author of “The Pre-wrath Rapture of the Church